About us

Dag Sather Biodiversity Development is a company for enhancing biodiversity by using simple technology like aerodynamic grain cleaners.


Our idea

Diversity will be the driving force in all our work with plants. The initial material will be a population with high genetic diversity more than a sort. In every generation the best combination of the heaviest and most potent and resistant seed will be used as seed for next season. The farmers participate in this process and the whole harvest will be separated every year. An aerodynamic cleaner and separator machine is the tool in mass-selection. This is possible because the aerodynamic separation is more efficient and less costly and time-consuming compared with other cleaners. The growing of every harvest will also be part of preferable genetic development for the farmers. Of this reason it is extremely important to save what is possible of genetic diversity in a region.

Farmers and farming cooperatives will be educated in the concept and the background so that they understand that their contribution to better and safer food production and can see their role in the bigger picture.

To carry out this idea the solution has to include drying of seeds as well as storing in addition the machine for cleaning and separation.


Who are we

Dag Saether is the specialist in biodiversity development. He is a dedicated organic farmer with a big heart for people in need of food, independence and freedom.


Dag is an Infrastructure Engineer from the Norwegian army. After Forestry school, he worked for a long time with wood processing.

He is self-educated in organic farming and has over 30 years’ experience with development of organic seed production.

Jan Fredrik Sagdahl is the administration and sales. He is educated in economics and has 45 years of experience from an international company, most of the time as manager.


Contact info:      Dag Saether: dag@safebiodev.com

                               Jan Fr Sagdahl: sales@safebiodev.com